Company culture and values

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It is not only people who have specific behaviors but also the companies. Do you know  which values influence the atmosphere and the way the company works? Are these values crucial to fullfill your potential? The company culture can be an empty phrase but also an imporant factor on which the successful and atractive company can be built.

To measure and build a company culture we use an approved Barrett model.

Our work is based on the knowledge of the actual company culture and its difference from the optimal culture which supports the company productivity.

How does it proceed?

We conduct a solid analysis of actual state and measure the correspondence between employees‘ personal values, values of the company (current company values) and values that employees consider important for the company’s future success (desired culture). The answers of the employees show the difference between the actual company culture and the company culture which would allow to reach their higher performance and efficiency.

A solid analysis is used in order to:

  • define meaningful company values including the model of required behavior,
  • set effective implementation steps,
  • actively engage top and middle management as an example of ideal behavior,
  • connect company culture with HR activities – recruitment, evaluation, employees‘ development…


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