Total Compensation Measurement (TCM)

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Are you an international company looking for consistent data on rewarding by countries, regions and continents? Do you want to compare your compensation data with Slovak benchmarks? Participate in the biggest survey on rewards in the world! Total Compensation Measurement survey takes place in 180 countries around the globe and covers data from more 5 000 000 employees working on 800 job positions. The data collection for Total Compensation Measurement is every year in the spring (April-June). The survey report can be bought at any time during the year.

What do I get?

Participant report contains data by job levels, namely information regarding base salary, variable pay and benefits. Data report contains (in addition to the above mentioned):

  • Information on base salary of all reported job positions (average and median)
  • Information on total compensation of all reported positions (average and median)

Detailed report contains (in addition to the above mentioned):

  • Comparison of salaries of jobs and job levels
  • Comparison of variable pay of jobs and job levels
  • Comparison of total compensation of jobs and job levels
  • Access to online reporting tool TCC Centrum (possibility to create own reports, peer groups etc.)




How much do I pay?

Basic report is provided for the participants of the study FREE OF CHARGE. The price of data and detailed reports is available on request.

What are the conditions of participation?

Every company can participate. The responses are confidential; the result of the survey will only be available in aggregated form.

How can I participate?

If you are interested in filling up data, please contact us. We will get in touch with you and arrange the next steps. You can buy all the reports even in case your company does not participate in TCM.

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