Aon Best Employers

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Aon Best Employers is a study that examines people management practices in many of leading international and local organizations. It explores what makes an organization a good place to work for and identifies a list of Best Employers companies in the Czech Republic and central and Eastern Europe based on evaluation of own employees.

Maybe you are interested in being awarded by “Aon Best Employer” title, to compare yourself to the market or gather a feedback from your employees and act upon that so your business grows? The Aon Best Employers study offers a way to achieve all mentioned above. Today’s competitive labor market is struggling to attract and retain talended employees to help companies achieve their goals. The Aon Best Employer award and status helps companies to become visible in the market and also to attract and retain skilled employees.

Areas that we deal with

The Aon Best Employers study is a standard questionnaire survey that focuses on employee engagement and satisfaction. At a predetermined set of questions employees are asked about their views on different areas of their work experience (e.g. top management, performance management, employer brand, processes and resources …). Based on the answers gathered we evaluate the success of the company compared to the market. By participating in the Aon Best Employers study, the company can learn what are the priorities for work with employee engagement and which areas should be a priority for its improvement.


Why participate:

This study will

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company together with your opportunities and possible threats. It will provide you with a strategic tool that enables you to increase work efficiency of the HR department with proven impact on business performance.
  • Reveal what makes Best Employers different from others. The study will enable you to compare your organization not only with the average and the Best employers in Czech Republic and Europe, but also in the industry your company operates in.
  • Describe requirements and needs of employees in Czech Republic and other European countries and factors which influence their engagement.

Ocenenie Aon Best Employers

Our research study publicly recognises Best Employer organisations that have created great work environments marked by:

  • Effective leadership
  • High performance orientation
  • A compelling employer brand
  • High employee engagement.

Our Best Employers are determined by employee opinions as we strongly believe that employees should decide if they work for a Best Employer. The status of being a Best Employer primarily reflects the voice of your employees. Based on our research employee engagement is a major contributor to the company’s overall success. An increasing number of companies find that the high degree of employee engagement positively affects their financial and non-financial success and leads to an increase in the performance of the entire organization. Our research also confirms that being an Aon Best Employer brings benefits to all stakeholders. Compared to average companies, “Best Employers”:best-employers-pros Participating in the Aon Best Employers program is your organisation’s opportunity to be recognised among a group of prominent organisations from all around the world that are leading the way in providing a truly rewarding work experience to their employees. We know that the title of “Aon Best Employer” is a long way to go and that no company is going to be the best overnight. But it is a way that makes sense. Whether or not you get the title of “Aon Best Employer”, participating in the study will provide you with important information that will help you reach a high degree of employee engagement and excellent business results. Become Aon Best Employers anywhere in the world Thanks to globally unified methodology we measure and recognise excellent employers anywhere in the world.


Market benchmarking

Aon Best Employers study also provides relevant market and trade-specific benchmarks (eg IT, Pharma, Retail, Production, FMCG, Telco etc.). In Czech Republic we operate with the largest local database available. The Slovak benchmark includes more thatn 180 unique companies from different departments over the last 5 years (2012 – 2016). Benchmarks represent opinions of over 230,000 people.

Are you ready for a challenge?

With the title “Aon Best Employer”, you will be in the best company. If you want to join the study or get more information, do not hesitate to contact us!

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