EMEA Benefits Communication Survey 2016

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A large majority of companies sees developing engagement and retaining talent as a priority. To serve this purpose, many of them have decided to be more transparent about their Compensation and Benefits package.

However, half of the surveyed companies consider that employees’ understanding of the Compensation and Benefits policy is low.

  • How did trends evolve during the past months throughout the EMEA region and Czech Republic?
  • How vary communication practices across the region?
  • What do the surveyed companies plan to do regarding communication?

This survey, conducted from October to December 2015 across EMEA & APAC (all sizes and sectors represented), gathers 905 participants in 28 countries.

Are you interested in EMEA Benefits Communication Survey report?

The report is available for EMEA Benefits Communication Survey participants for free. Survey participants has already obtained an e-mail message with the code allowing them to download the report in PDF format.

We would like to thank to all companies who participated in the latest survey. You have helped the objectivity of the survey and quality of the results by sharing your view on this topic with us. This gives us the opportunity to share relevant report with you, which will bring useful information into your daily work.

The report is only available in English.

EMEA Benefits Communication Survey 2016 report to download HERE

(You will be asked to enter a password we share with you by e-mail to continue in download)

In case you have not participated in EMEA Benefits Communication Survey, and yet you would like to learn more about trends in benefits and rewards communication, please feel free to contact us. Do it also in case you would like to learn more about the results for countries which are not included in standard report.

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