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In Aon Hewitt we analyze and interpret surveys on employee engagement and satisfaction on a daily basis. At the global level, we have data from over 11 million respondents working in more than 8700 companies. In the Czech Republic, we cooperate with companies of all sizes, from the largest international corporations to the smallest local companies. We dispose with data for more than 100 unique companies representing over 100 000 respondents.


Trends in Global Employee Engagement

The latest report from Aon Hewitt examines how global employee engagement levels have changed over the last year and the forces that are likely causing these shifts.

We explore and offer insights on:

Key drivers of employee engagement from a global and regional perspective,
Unique regional challenges organizations face.
Ways leaders can overcome challenges and re-engage their workforce.

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What distinguishes Best Employers from others?

Besides significantly higher level of employee engagement (8 out of 10 employees are engaged in Best Employers companies, compared to 5 out of 10 in average companies), Best Employers score higher in other areas of working life as well. The main differences in how Best Employers’ and average employers’ employees perceive their working life can be found in the following areas. 

  • Senior leaders in Best Employers companies treat employees as the company’s most valued asset, fill them with excitement about the future of the company, and employees have trust in senior leaders’ business decisions.
  • Best Employers’ employees are positive about their employer’s brand and its external reputation. They also claim that the real life in the company is aligned with what is presented externally.
  • The results prove that Best Employers are exceptionally good at atracting and retaining talented employees. Considering the current labor market situation, this point is undoubtedly significant – it is linked, for instance, with the employee turnover rate.
  • The area of compensation and recognition is essential as well. Besides the salary itself, a justice in a compensation and a willingness to share when the company is doing well is considered even more important. Best Employers‘ employees also appreciate that the offered benefits effectively meet their needs.
  • Best Employers‘ company structure allow their employees to reach the company goals in the best possible way. This and the fact that employees feel to be supported in bringing their own ideas are other reasons for companies to become Best Employers.


The highest engagement rate is in the South America, the lowest scoring is Europe.

Long term studies on Aon Hewitt shows that people in South America, despite the fact that wages and overall standard of living is undoubteadly lower, are more engaged.

Are people in South America simply glad that they have a job and not stressed that much about money, processes and career development?