Best Employers in the Czech Republic 2005

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The Czech office of the largest global HR consulting and outsourcing firm Hewitt announced on May 13 the winners of the second year of its annual study Best Employers. Forty-one companies applied for participation in the study and thirty-six companies fulfilled all criteria for being included into the final ranking. In total, 7,663 employees took part in the employee engagement survey, which represents a total population of more than 31,000 employees.

The winner of the ranking is an IT company from Pilsner, Kerio Technologies. The second place and winner among larger companies (above 300 employees) is Hewlett-Packard.

The TOP10 Best Employers in the Czech Republic 2005 are the following companies:

  1. Kerio Technologies, s.r.o.
    Information technology
    Information technology
  3. GlaxoSmithKline, s.r.o. (Pharmaceuticals)
    Pharmaceutical industry
  4. GE Money Bank, a.s.
    Financial services
  5. British American Tobacco ( Czech Republic), s.r.o.
    Tobacco industry
  6. Merck Sharp & Dohme IDEA, Inc.
    Pharmaceutical industry
  7. ANECT a.s.
    Information technology
  8. CS Cabot, spol. s r.o.
    Chemical industry
  9. Coty Ceská republika k.s.
  10. Sun Microsystems Czech s.r.o.
    Information technology

The minimum criteria to participate in the study is at least 50 permanent employees and at least 2 years of operations in the Czech market. The participation is free of charge. More then 400 employers were directly invited to participate.

Employers are analyzed based on three aspects – feedback from their employees, company HR policies, and view of top management. The key statistics influencing the final rank of each company is the engagement of its employees. The engagement in Hewitt surveys is defined as the emotional and intellectual involvement of the employee to the company activities. It is defined by three models of behavior:

  • Employees have an intense desire to be a member of the organization;
  • Employees consistently speak positively about the organization to coworkers, potential employees, and customers;
  • Employees show extra effort and engage in work that contributes to the business success of the company.

Employees of the TOP10 companies have very high engagement and satisfaction with their employer. Their average engagement rate is 68%, which is 12% higher than the Czech average. These companies also demonstrate a very high effectiveness of their HR policies, which are aligned with the business goals of the company and are well accepted by the employees.